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Here’s Go package for errors chaining for further examining using the standard errors.Is. You can learn more about working with errors in Go in this article. Explore example below for more understanding.

This package uses module version numbering.


With a correctly configured Go toolchain run:

go get


Let’s build new error from multiple errors and examine it with errors.Is:

package main

import (


func main() {
	var (
		myErr = errors.New("my err")
		err   = errchain.New(myErr, io.EOF, os.ErrClosed, http.ErrHijacked)

	if errors.Is(err, io.EOF) {
		fmt.Printf("here we have %q error\n", io.EOF)

	if errors.Is(err, myErr) {
		fmt.Printf("and %q error\n", myErr)

	if errors.Is(err, os.ErrClosed) {
		fmt.Printf("and %q error\n", os.ErrClosed)

	if errors.Is(err, http.ErrHijacked) {
		fmt.Printf("and %q error,\n", http.ErrHijacked)

	if !errors.Is(err, http.ErrAbortHandler) {
		fmt.Printf("but don't have %q error\n", http.ErrAbortHandler)

Open above example in The Go Playground.


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