Event Logger

This package provides a simple interface for event logging to generic backends as well as a solid set of backend implementations.

Available Storage Backends

  • csv: logging events in CSV format, easy for development and log collection
  • bq: logging to Google BigQuery, great for production
  • gsheets: logging to a Google Sheet, great for low-volume production

Backend Decorators

  • async: a decorator to make logging asynchronous
  • row: a decorator to make logging to row based backends easier


go install github.com/trichner/elog


package main

func main() {
	// create a new logger with the CSV backend
	logger, err := NewCsvEventLogger(os.Stdout)

	if err != nil {

	// create a new event
	event := &elog.Event{
		ID:        uuid.New().String(),
		Kind:      "user_login",
		SessionID: uuid.New().String(),
		Timestamp: time.Now(),
		Payload: map[string]string{
			"user":   "Alice",
			"remote": "",

	// ...and log it
	err = logger.Log(event)
	if err != nil {


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