In favor of Go Modules Proxy since Go 1.11, this project has been archived and website ( will be taken down as of 12/31/2019.

Go Package Manager

Gopm (Go Package Manager) is a Go package manage and build tool for Go.

Please see Documentation before you start.


  • Go development environment: >= go1.2


Install from source code

go get -u

The executable will be produced under $GOPATH/bin in your file system; for global use purpose, we recommend you to add this path into your PATH environment variable.


  • No requirement for installing any version control system tool like git or hg in order to download packages.
  • Download, install or build your packages with specific revisions.
  • When building programs with gopm build or gopm install, everything just happens in its own GOPATH and does not bother anything you’ve done (unless you told it to).
  • Can put your Go projects anywhere you want (through .gopmfile).


   Gopm - Go Package Manager

   Gopm [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   list		list all dependencies of current project
   gen		generate a gopmfile for current Go project
   get		fetch remote package(s) and dependencies
   bin		download and link dependencies and build binary
   config	configure gopm settings
   run		link dependencies and go run
   test		link dependencies and go test
   build	link dependencies and go build
   install	link dependencies and go install
   clean	clean all temporary files
   update	check and update gopm resources including itself
   help, h	Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --noterm, -n		disable color output
   --strict, -s		strict mode
   --debug, -d		debug mode
   --help, -h		show help
   --version, -v	print the version


This project is under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.