Go Promise Implementation with support for Generics (requires Go v1.18+). Run async operations lazily in a separate goroutine on the fly.

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  • Easy interface for composing async operations
  • Executes a function in a separate goroutine
  • Error Handling using functions (also executed in a separate goroutine)
  • Support for Generics (requires Go v1.18+)
  • Promises are resolved lazily, upon a first call to Await, AwaitOr, Then, OnSuccess or onFailure


package main

import (


func main() {
    // Create a new promise.
    // In this example the http request is executed in a separate goroutine
    p := promise.New(func() (*http.Response, error) {
        return http.Get("")
    // Handle successful and failed operations in a separate goroutine
    p.Then(func(res *http.Response) {
        log.Printf("Status: %s", res.Status)
    }, func(err error) {

    // Handle only successful operations in a separate goroutine
    p.onSuccess(func(res *http.Response) {
        log.Printf("Status: %s", res.Status)

    // Handle only failed operations in a separate goroutine
    p.onFailure(func(err error) {

    // Await the promise.
    // This blocks execution until the promise is resolved.
    res, err := p.Await()
    // Provide a default value (calls Await() internally).
    res = p.AwaitOr(nil)


Install with the go get command:

$ go get -u


All contributions in any form are welcome! 🙌 Just use the Issue and Pull Request templates and I will be happy to review your suggestions. 👍


Any kind of support is well appreciated! 👏 If you want to tweet about the project, make sure to tag me @kaestner_felix. You can also support my open source work on GitHub Sponsors. All income will be directly invested in Coffee ☕!

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