Go Quotes API

This is an API built when I was learning Go. Here I am using 2 modules,

  • (Gin)[github.com/gin-gonic/gin] – For quickly building the API
  • (Colly)[github.com/gocolly/colly] – For web scrapping.

The API just hits the Goodreads quotes page and fires a search. It returns a list of Quotes with their authors. I have built it and deployed it on Heroku.

Commands I ran basically from start to finish

To initate the current folder/project as a module

go mod init vigneshm.me/go-quotes-api

This creates a file called go.mod. This has the name of the project and version of Go it uses.

To import modules

go get github.com/gin-gonic/gin
go get github.com/gocolly/colly

This imports the modules, creates a go.sum file to add checksums for the modules it downloads.

Next, I filled in the main.go with my code.

Now, for the Heroku part.

Install Heroku CLI

npm install -g heroku

Login to Heroku

heroku login -i

Initate a Git repo and commit the code

git init
git add .
git commit -m "inital commit"

Create a Procfile for Heroku

touch Procfile
echo "web: bin/go-quotes-api" > Procfile

This basically tells Heroku to run the command on startup.

Create Heroku App

heroku create go-quote-api
git push heroku master

This create the Heroku app and pushes the code.

Heroku takes this code runs the build and exposes the app at https://.herokuapp.com/

My app is available at https://go-quote-api.herokuapp.com/quotes/dumbledore

The last word can be replaced with any search criteria to search for quotes from your favorite character or book.


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