Go Resume

Go Resume is a resume tailoring tool with super powers



Installation Steps

  1. Clone the repo with git clone
git clone --recursive https://github.com/penguingovernor/go-resume.git
  1. Build the commands with go build
# Builds the resume-start binary
go build ./cmd/resume-start
# Builds the resume-tailor binary
go build ./cmd/resume-tailor


  1. Start the resumake GUI with resume-start
# This will build and the resumake GUI on localhost:3000
  1. Build your base resume on the GUI and downloads your resume.json.

  2. Optionally, stop resume-start.

  3. If resume-start was killed, it can now be re-ran with ./resume-start -skip-build -no-client, this will start instantly.

  4. Make a file called skills.yaml that is based on a job description.


- name: Programming Languages
    - Go
    - Python
    - Java
    - C
    - C++

- name: Spoken Languages
    - English (Native)
    - Spanish (Native)
    - French (Conversational)
  1. Build your resume with resume tailor
# This assumes that your files are called resume.json and skills.yaml
./resume-tailor > resume.pdf

On subsequent runs do steps 4,5, and 7.


./resume-start -help
Usage of ./resume-start:
  -log string
        the file where resume-start logs to (default "./.resume-start.log")
        disable running the client
  -resumake-dir string
        the directory where resumake.io resides (default "./resumake.io")
        skip building resumake.io dependencies
./resume-tailor -help
Usage: ./resume-tailor [OPTIONS] [resume.json skills.yaml] > resume.{pdf,json}

        output JSON instead of PDF data
  -URL string
        the API endpoint of resumake.io (default "http://localhost:3001/api/generate/resume")
        force the resulting resume to be a single page
  -template int
        which template to use [values: 1-9] (default 6)


Under active development…


Q: Do I really need to install Node.js and Latex?

A: Read the design document docs/bin/go-resume-design.pdf and find out for yourself

Q: What do the resumes look like?

A: https://resumake.io/generator/templates