Go run programs in the background and check until they are ready.


The original purpose of this was to run programs in the background to test against,
specifically in a way that works the same in Windows and Unix for simple multi-platform CI.

import (

func TestThatMyThingTalksToTheOtherThing(t *testing.T) {
    t.Log("starting the other-thing in the background")
    p := program.Program{
        Name:    "OtherThing",
        Command: "other-thing server run",
        Check:   "other-thing is-running",
    stop, err := program.RunInBackground(p)
    t.Cleanup(stop) // stop it when tests are done.
    if err != nil {
    t.Log("ok ready to run tests now")


It can also be run as a CLI for cute little local dev environments or such.

go-run-programs hashicorp.hcl

# hashicorp.hcl

program "consul" {
  command = "consul agent -dev"
  check   = "consul members"
program "nomad" {
  command = "nomad agent -dev"
  check   = "nomad node status"
program "vault" {
  command = "vault server -dev"
  check   = "vault status"
  env = {
    # default client is https, but vault server -dev is http
    VAULT_ADDR = "http://localhost:8200"


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