Go WebSub Server

A Go implementation of a WebSub server.

See examples/main.go for a basic example which uses boltdb and a simple publisher.


Specific stores can be implemented/used to store subscriptions and call them.

If you’d like to implement your own store, the following interface can be implemented:

type Store interface {
	All(topic string) ([]model.Subscription, error)
	Add(sub model.Subscription) error
	Get(topic, callback string) (*model.Subscription, error)
	Remove(sub model.Subscription) error


A memory-backed store. This store is cleared when the application is restarted.


A boltdb/bbolt backed store which persists to disk.


This hub system uses Workers to implement a system that can be infinitely scaled by adding other nodes/servers and workers which can pull off a queue.

By default, the worker pool is a basic channel + goroutine handler that goes through each request.

type Worker interface {
    Add(f PublishJob)

When implementing workers, pay attention to the fields. ContentType is used to say what the body content type is (required by the specification), and if subscription.secret is set it MUST be used to generate an X-Hub-Signature header.

Using it with your own Publisher

If you wish to bypass the included hub.mode=publish handler, you can use the Publish function to publish your own data.

For example, if you’re taking an event off some kind of queue/event subscriber:

hub.Publish("https://example.com", "application/json", []byte("{}"))


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