filebuilder is a litte tool (written in Go) that lets you concatenate a list of source code files in a given order into a build file.

I use this myself to create a build out of a bunch of SQL files.

How to

  1. create a text file with all file names – in the order you want them to appear in the build file

  1. run the program
filebuilder --filelist=filelist.txt --output=build.sql

The resulting build.sql file has all the contents of the aforementioned files.


git clone
cd cmd/filebuilder
go build


  • filelist: name (and – optionally – path) of the filelist file
  • wd: working directory (optionally; the path of the filelist file is the default working directory, if none given)
  • output: name (and – optionally – path) of the output file (defaults to Stdout if none given)
  • force: overwrites the output file if it already exists (otherwise aborts)


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