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The library declares Go types of ontology.

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Inspiration is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond.

The common vocabulary layouts content into data structure interpretable by human and machines. It also guarantees an interoperability baseline for software in the distribute systems, in the absence of strong content negotiation techniques. Despite, the elevates creation of web structured data markup schema, it also defines an ontology usable for data design in other context such as public RESTful interfaces, gRPC or GraphQL.

A core principle of the vocabulary is to indicate an entity type. As an example, the vocabulary defines a rich collection of rdf:Property, which are essential building blocks for product types.

type Person struct {
  schemaorg.FamilyName `json:"schema:familyName"`

Get started

The latest version of the library is available at its main branch. All development, including new features and bug fixes, take place on the main branch using forking and pull requests as described in contribution guidelines. The stable version is available via Golang modules.

Core domain types (product types)

Ontologies use rdf:Property to depict characteristic of entities, which differs significantly from Golang type system. Instead of defining product type in terms of named properties, ontologies describe properties in terms of types to which they apply, which allows to extends concepts, defining additional properties without the need to re-define the original description of types.

rdf:Property is a relation between subject resources and object resources. The concept of property at Go programming languages does not correspond to the rdf:Property, with an exception that “properties” of structs has names and corresponding types.

The statement 
  Person schema:familyName "Doe"
type Person struct {
  schemaorg.FamilyName `json:"schema:familyName"`

Type-level meta-programming helps us better reflect the rdf:Property concept but type-level programming is not supported at Golang. Therefore, this library reflects the rdf:Property to the type.

  "@id": "schema:familyName",
  "@type": "rdf:Property",
  "rdfs:comment": "Family name. In the U.S., the last name of a Person.",
  "rdfs:label": "familyName",
type FamilyName string

So that, the application “assembles” core domain type as a product of the types defined by

import ""

type Person struct {
  schemaorg.Identifier `json:"schema:@id"`
  schemaorg.GivenName  `json:"schema:givenName"`
  schemaorg.FamilyName `json:"schema:familyName"`
  schemaorg.Email      `json:"schema:email"`

How To Contribute

The library is auto-generated from JSON-LD definition using schemacli utility.

Use the following commands to re-generate the type definitions

schemacli property -f schemaorg-all-http.jsonld > types.go

If you experience any issues with the library or requires a new feature, please let us know via GitHub issues.




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