is a Go package that provides convenience functions for OCSP checking. It’s mostly a wrapper around

The ocsputil.Evaluate function evaluates the reliability of a certificate’s OCSP responder, and is used by OCSP Watch.

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evalocsp is a command line tool that evaluates the reliability of a certificate’s OCSP responder using ocsputil.Evaluate.

Install it with: go install[email protected]

Input (on stdin): Two PEM-encoded certificates – the certificate whose OCSP responder should be evaluated, followed by its issuer. The first certificate may be a precertificate, but if it’s signed by a dedicated precert signing CA, then the second certificate must be the issuer of the final certificate rather than the precertificate.

Output (on stdout): A JSON object with the following fields:

Field Name Description
error null if the OCSP check was successful, or the error, as a string.
responder_url The URL of the OCSP responder.
request_bytes The bytes of the OCSP request, as a base64-encoded string.
response_bytes The bytes of the OCSP response, as a base64-encoded string.
response_time The length of time which the OCSP responder took to respond, formatted as a time.Duration string. ]

If error is null, then the other fields are non-null. If error is non-null, then any of the other fields may be null depending on the nature of the error.

Go 1.18 Bug

Go 1.18 accidentally banned SHA-1-signed OCSP responses, which can still be found in the WebPKI. To work around this, use Go 1.17, or set the environment variable GODEBUG=x509sha1=1. This bug will be fixed in Go 1.18.1.


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