This library provides a zero-copy implementation of the io.ReaderAt and io.ReadSeeker interfaces for a byte[] slice. For example, this can provide an efficient method when uploading in-memory buffers to AWS S3.


Grab the latest version:

go get github.com/mheffner/go-bufreaderat


	buf := []byte("helloworld")
	b := bufreaderat.BufferReaderAt{Buf: buf}

	var _ io.ReaderAt = &b
	var _ io.ReadSeeker = &b

The method ReadAt is safe for concurrent use and can be invoked from multiple goroutines with different output buffers and offsets.

The methods Read and Seek are not safe to execute concurrently since they rely on an offset pointer.

NOTE: The underlying buffer must not be changed while the BufferReaderAt is used.


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