gokrazy mkfs

This program is intended to be run on gokrazy only, where it will create an ext4
file system on the perm partition and then reboot your system. If /perm is
already mounted, the program will exit without changing anything.

The gokrazy mkfs program includes a frozen
of the mke2fs program from the
e2fsprogs package from Debian.


You can either include this program in your gokr-packer command line:

gokr-packer \
  -overwrite=/dev/sdx \
  -serial_console=disabled \
  github.com/gokrazy/fbstatus \
  github.com/gokrazy/hello \
  github.com/gokrazy/serial-busybox \

…or, if you want to run it only once without otherwise including it in your
installation, you can use gok run:

git clone https://github.com/gokrazy/mkfs
cd mkfs
gok run -i bakery


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