A linked list of length n is given such that each node contains an additional random pointer, which could point to any node in the list, or null.

Construct a deep copy of the list. The deep copy should consist of exactly n brand new nodes, where each new node has its value set to the value of its corresponding original node. Both the next and random pointer of the new nodes should point to new nodes in the copied list such that the pointers in the original list and copied list represent the same list state. None of the pointers in the new list should point to nodes in the original list.

For example, if there are two nodes X and Y in the original list, where X.random --> Y, then for the corresponding two nodes x and y in the copied list, x.random --> y.

Return the head of the copied linked list.

The linked list is represented in the input/output as a list of n nodes. Each node is represented as a pair of [val, random_index] where:

  • val: an integer representing Node.val
  • random_index: the index of the node (range from 0 to n-1) that the random pointer points to, or null if it does not point to any node.

Your code will only be given the head of the original linked list.


Example 1:


Input: head = [[7,null],[13,0],[11,4],[10,2],[1,0]]
Output: [[7,null],[13,0],[11,4],[10,2],[1,0]]

Example 2:


Input: head = [[1,1],[2,1]]
Output: [[1,1],[2,1]]

Example 3:


Input: head = [[3,null],[3,0],[3,null]]
Output: [[3,null],[3,0],[3,null]]


  • 0 <= n <= 1000
  • $-10^4$ <= Node.val <=$10^4$
  • Node.random is null or is pointing to some node in the linked list.


這個題目是把一個單向鏈結串列做 deep copy。

這次的鏈結串不同於以往,多了一個 Random pointer 會指向其他在list 內的結點

所以需要避免在複製時,重複複製到已經存在的 Random 指到的結點

要處理這樣的問題可以使用 hashMap 把已存在 Random pointer 紀錄下來

每次發現 hashMap 已經存在就直接拿出來用,不用重複複製

作法是先透過一個 array 依序把目前的結點指標照順序存下來

建立一個 hashMap 來紀錄已存取過的 Random pointer

照 array 逐步檢查 hashMap 是否已經有對應的結點

如果沒有建立一個放到 hashMap

如果有,存 hashMap 拿出來做指向

這樣實作的 Time Complexity 是 O(n)

Space Complexity 也是 O(n)


 * Definition for a Node.
 * type Node struct {
 *     Val int
 *     Next *Node
 *     Random *Node
 * }

func copyRandomList(head *Node) *Node {
    arr := []*Node{}
    cur := head
    for cur != nil {
        arr = append(arr, cur)
        cur = cur.Next
    var copyHead *Node
    var curN *Node
    randomMap := make(map[*Node]*Node)
    for idx, node := range arr {
        if idx == 0 {
            copyHead = &Node{Val: node.Val}
            randomMap[node] = copyHead
            if node.Random != nil {
                if random, exists := randomMap[node.Random]; exists {
                    copyHead.Random = random
                } else {
                    randomMap[node.Random] = &Node{Val: node.Random.Val}
                    copyHead.Random = randomMap[node.Random]
            curN = copyHead
        } else {
            if n, exists := randomMap[node]; exists {
                curN.Next = n
            } else {
                randomMap[node] = &Node{Val: node.Val}
                curN.Next = randomMap[node]
            if node.Random != nil {
                if random, ok := randomMap[node.Random]; ok {
                    curN.Next.Random = random
                } else {
                    randomMap[node.Random] = &Node{Val: node.Random.Val}
                    curN.Next.Random = randomMap[node.Random]
            curN = curN.Next            
    return copyHead


  1. 需要避免重複制已經存在的結點
  2. 需要設計一個機制去找詢已經存在的結點

Solve Point

  • Understand what the problem would like to solve
  • Analysis Complexity


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