Go Generate Server

WARNING : This project is still unstable, if interested please contribute to develop

Generate server code with simple clean architecture using go language

Using simple framework, just only gin-gonic and GORM

Support driver : mysql, postgres, sqlite


still support for mac

  • clone this repository
git clone https://github.com/afistapratama12/go-generate-server.git
  • running Makefile in this root directory
make build
  • add path to bashrc / zshrc
export PATH=~/go-gen-server:$PATH
  • after than, make the program executable
chmod +x ~/go-gen-server/go-gen

List command


you must init service first using this command line

go-gen init [SERVICE-NAME]

example : go-gen init . or go-gen init my-example

alias : go-gen i

this service will be created list of file like this :

|-- config
    |-- config.go
|-- utils
    |-- utils.go
|-- main.go
|-- go.mod
|-- go.sum
|-- .env
|-- example.env
|-- .gitignore

init middleware

Command for initialize middleware

go-gen init-middleware

alias : go-gen init-mw

go-gen create [ENTITY-NAME] [PROPERTIES]

initialize service with simple layer clean architecture (repository, entities / model, service, controller)

go-gen create [NAME-ENTITY] [PROPERTIES]

example : go-gen create user name:string,username:string,password:string,role:string

alias : go-gen c or go-gen cr

go-gen remove

Remove initialize service based on entity name

go-gen remove [NAME-ENTITY]

example : go-gen remove user

alias : go-gen rm


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