Golang GRPC Server & Client


This is basic Golang GRPC server & client example. If you want to see cute dog photos in your PC. You can use this repository 🙂

Golang GRPC Client-Server


You need to install following packages: docker, docker-compose, make


The client sends a request to the server and waits for the response. If the server returns an error, the client prints it. Otherwise, the client save the image your /image path and print the path.


The server receives a request from the client and sends a request to the dog api. If the api returns an error, the server returns an error to the client. Otherwise, the server saves the image and returns the []byte of the image.

Running Tests

You can run unit tests with make unit-tests command.

    make unit-tests

## Integration Tests You can run integration tests with make integration-tests command. But there is a todo in the code.

    make integration-tests

If you’d like to run integration tests on docker. You can run

    make integration-tests-docker


  • CERT verification for integration tests


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