Beautiful logger for http

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Every single web framework has a build-in logger already, why do we need on more? The question is simple and the answer is not.

Nice and clean output is critical for any web framework. Than is why come people use go web frameworks just because to get beautiful logs.

This library brings you fantastic http logs to any web framework, even if you use native net/http for that.

But it’s better to see once, here the default output you will get with couple of lines of code:

logs screenshot

And actual code looks like this:

  func main() {
    // setup routes
    http.Handle("/happy", httplog.Logger(happyHandler))
    http.Handle("/not_found", httplog.Logger(http.NotFoundHandler()))

    //run server
    _ = http.ListenAndServe(":3333", nil)

All you need is wrap you handler with httplog.Logger and the magic happens.

Here is a main features:

  • framework agnostic (could be easily integrated with any web framework), you can find examples for:
  • response code using special wrapper
  • response length using special wrapper
  • can copy response body
  • get real user IP for Google App Engine
  • get real user IP for CloudFront
  • get real user IP for other reverse proxy which implements RFC7239
  • customize output format
  • has the list of routes to ignore
  • build in structure logger integration
  • callback function to modify response before write back (add headers or do something)

This framework is highly inspired by Gin logger library, but has not Gin dependencies at all and has some improvements. Httplog has only one dependency at all: So it’s will not affect your codebase size.

Custom format

TODO: Jack

Integrate with structure logger

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Customize log output

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Use GoogleApp Engine or CloudFlare

TODO: Jack

Run custom logic before a response has been written

TODO: Jack

How to save request body and headers

TODO: Jack

Integration examples

Please go to examples folder and see how it’s work:

Run demo

Native net/http package

TODO: Jack

Alice middleware

TODO: Jack


TODO: Jack


TODO: Jack


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