assess pronounciblity of text


Fonetic is a library to assess pronounceablility of a given text. For more information, check out the original python implementation.


package main

import (

This is just an example, don't copy-paste this. Use fonetic.Count's output according to your needs.
And don't limit yourself to just detecting randomness, go wild - find other uses ;)

func isRandom(str string) bool {
	total, good, bad := fonetic.Count(str)
	if total - (good+bad) > total/2 { // checks if there are too many non-alpha chars
		return true
	} else if good*100/total > 70 { // checks if at least 70% of the string is pronounceable
		return false
	return true


  • total: total number of bigrams
  • good: number of pronounceable bigrams
  • bad: number of non-pronounceable bigrams

Note: Non-alphabetic characters do not count as good or bad, but they do count in total. It means the output for aa1323423634 would be total=11,good=1,bad=0.


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