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xlsx is a library to simplify reading and writing the XML format used by recent version of Microsoft Excel in Go programs.


If you’d like an introduction to this project try the new tutorial.

Different versions of this project

Prior to v1.0.0

You don’t want these versions ?

It’s hard to remember exactly, but work on this library started within a month of the first public announcement of Go, now more than a decade ago. It was essentially a quick hack to get data out of XLSX files at my workplace. Nobody but me relied on it, so it was fine to use this brand new language for this task. Somewhat later I decided to share the code, and I know it was well established as an open-source project by the time I left that job in late 2011.

Although I did do some “release” tags, versioning in Go in the early days relied on tagging your code with the name of the Go release (i.e. go1.2) and then `go get` would fetch that tag, if it existed, and if not, it’d grab the master branch.

Version 1.x.x

Version 1.0.0 was tagged in 2017 to support vendoring tools.

As of October 8th, 2019, I’ve branched off v1.x.x maintenance work from master. The master branch now tracks v2.x.x.

If you have existing code, can live with the issues in the 1.x.x codebase, and don’t want to update your code to use a later version, then you can stick to these releases. I mostly won’t be touching this code, but if something really important comes up, let me know.

Version 2.x.x

Version 2.0.0 introduced breaking changes in the API.

The scope of these changes included the way `Col` elements and `DataValidation` works, as these aspects have been built around incorrect models of the underlying XLSX format.

See the https://github.com/tealeg/xlsx/milestone/5 for details.

Version 2.0.1 was tagged purely because 2.0.0 wasn’t handled correctly with regards to how go modules work. It isn’t possible to use 2.0.0 from a Go Modules based project.

Version 3.x.x

Version 3.0.0 introduces some more breaking changes in the API. All methods that can return an `xlsx.File` struct now accept zero, one or many `xlsx.FileOption` functions as their final arguments. These can be used to modify the behaviour of the resultant struct – in particular they replace the `…WithRowLimit` variants of those methods with the result of calling `xlsx.RowLimit` and they add the ability to define a custom backing store for the spreadsheet data to be held in whilst processing.

StreamFileBuilder has been dropped from this version of the library as it has become difficult to maintain.

Full API docs

The full API docs can be viewed using go’s built in documentation tool, or online at godoc.org.


We’re extremely happy to review pull requests. Please be patient, maintaining XLSX doesn’t pay anyone’s salary (to my knowledge).

If you’d like to propose a change please ensure the following:

Eat a peach – Geoff