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cmdr is a POSIX-compliant, command-line UI (CLI) library in Golang. It is a getopt-like parser of command-line options, be compatible with the getopt_long command line UI, which is an extension of the syntax recommended by POSIX.

We made many enhancements beyond the standard library flag.

There is a full Options Store (configurations) for your hierarchical configuration dataset too.

The .netCore version Cmdr.Core is available now. And, a cxx version cmdr-cxx is comming soon.


To review the image frames, go surfing at

Table of Contents

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The better choice is importing with go-modules enabled:

import ""

See our extras:


  • docs (WIP):

  • v1.7.42

    • routine maintenance
  • v1.7.41

    • fixed: flags after tail-args might not be recognized. NOTE: in app cmd1 cmd2 --a file1 file2 --c, --c might be ignored.
    • updated: log+logex
  • v1.7.40

    • update log/logex to fix the wrong caller skips for logrus
  • v1.7.39

    • update log/logex to fix the wrong caller skips for zap/sugar, and ensure debug mode work
  • v1.7.38

    • improved the usage line in help screen
  • v1.7.37

    • added WithAlterLocations(...)
    • broken: LoadConfigFiles returns 3 values now
  • v1.7.36

    • fixed GetSectionFrom() now work for []interface{}. such as:
       - name: xx
         url: xx
       - name: yy
         url: yy
    • print error detail while loading and merging child config file failed
  • v1.7.35

    • update deps with log/logex fixed
  • v1.7.33

    • added project-level files
    • update deps
  • v1.7.32

    • added WithWarnForUnknownCommand
    • fixed bugs
  • v1.7.31

    • added alternative config file and folder: $CURRDIR/.<appname>.yml & $CURRDIR/.<appname>/*.yml – Using WithSearchAlterConfigFiles(true)
    • configurable auto-sub-folder-name conf.d: WithConfigSubDirAutoName(string)
  • v1.7.30

    • added docker hub image for examples/fluent
  • v1.7.29

    • added docker image for examples/fluent
    • added cmdr.InDockerEnv
    • small fixes
  • v1.7.28

    • added cmdr.NewLoggerConfigWith for better smoothing transfer cmdr internal status to log/logex.
    • added cmdr.InDevelopingTime
    • better output in PassThruChar(–) detected
    • doc and added SetTraceMode/SetDebugMode
  • v1.7.27

    • added: WithHelpScreenHooks, GetRemainArgs, …
    • improved: WithPagerEnabled, InTesting, …
    • fixed: missed initializing for logger-level in Option Store sometimes.
    • tests
  • v1.7.25

    • New feature: loading command definition from config file
    • fixed bugs
  • v1.7.23

    • A new feature: the builtin pluggable cmdr-addon/plugin. make build && bin/fluent --help && bin/fluent dx
    • added: WithPluginLocations(locations...), WithExtensionsLocations(locations...)
  • v1.7.21

  • v1.7.11

    • update: new log.Logger instance in log.GetLogger
    • fixed: ReadPassword in windows
  • v1.7.10

    • fixed: too much empty lines in help screen
  • v1.7.9

    • right align multi-lines desc string in help screen
    • added new envvars: HELP, NO_COLOR (HELP=1 app some sub cmd == app some sub cmd --help)
  • v1.7.8

    • tabStop in help screen will be autosize now
    • deprecated at next minor release (v1.8+): WithHelpTabStop()
    • deprecated at next minor release (v1.8+): plugins/daemon
    • BREAK: some two methods in the interface Painter has been changed.
  • v1.7.7

    • update deps to improve logging supports
    • deprecated: WithLogex(), as its replacement, WithLogx() has a better generic logging interface (hedzr/log.Logger)
  • v1.7.6:

    • using hedzr/log and remove other logging dependencies.
    • added WithLogx(logger): integrating with your logger (via log.Logger interface)
  • v1.7.5:

    • move some helper function to tool sub-package
  • For more information to refer to CHANGELOG



About the Docker build

Here is a docker build for cmdr/examples/fluent so that you can run it without go building or downloading the release files:

# from Docker Hub:
$ docker run -it --rm hedzr/cmdr-fluent
$ docker run -it --rm hedzr/cmdr-fluent --help

# from Github Packages (please following the guide of GitHub Packages Site):
$ docker run -it --rm
$ docker run -it --rm --help

For Developer

For Developer


  1. short
    simple codes with structured data style.

  2. demo
    normal demo with external config files.

  3. wget-demo
    partial-covered for GNU wget.

  4. fluent
    demostrates how to define your command-ui with the fluent api style.

  5. ffmain

    a demo to show you how to migrate from go flag smoothly.

  6. cmdr-http2
    http2 server with daemon supports, graceful shutdown

  7. awesome-tool
    awesome-tool is a cli app that fetch the repo stars and generate a markdown summary, accordingly with most of awesome-xxx list in github (such as awesome-go).

See Also the examples index: (zh-cn TODO:



Feel free to issue me bug reports and fixes. Many thanks to all contributors.

Thanks to JODL

JODL (JetBrains OpenSource Development License) is good:

goland jetbrains



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