Can’t think of better name just yet so working title is ninjashell

Disclaimer: Trying out github copilot to speed up and revise my golang a bit if that is a problem, I apologise to poor copilot being dragged through dealing with me learning. Quite happy to have help and help managing anything, accepting additions and very willing to take a backseat to anyone wants to replace/join the copilot on pedestal of cringe. Willing to end using copilot if a majority vote of anything greater than one decides against me, but for now I just want something that works.

Golang Netcat/Socat/Ncat-like with file transfer, encrypted transfer and traffic

Inspired and refactored from old versions of go netcat clones on github go-netcat, go-nc and gocat. Wanted to add more functionality like socat encryption and easy ncat file transfers, but in golang where the it can be ran on anything.

Early Days, having way too much fun with Copilot.

Hopes and dreams on feature creep scrapped from the back of my skull.

Payload injection Process migration awareness AV evasion stuff


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