Petrovich is the library which inflects Russian names to given grammatical case.

This is the Go port of

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All functions takes three arguments: name in nominative case, gender and grammatical case.

import ""

n := petrovich.FirstName("Кузьма", petrovich.Male, petrovich.Genitive)
fmt.Print(n) // "Кузьмы"

n = petrovich.MiddleName("Сергеевич", petrovich.Male, petrovich.Instrumental)
fmt.Print(n) // "Сергеевичем"

n = petrovich.LastName("Петров-Водкин", petrovich.Male, petrovich.Prepositional)
fmt.Print(n) // "Петрове-Водкине"

Valid values for gender are petrovich.Androgynous, petrovich.Male and petrovich.Female.

Full list of grammatical cases is in the table below.

Case Case (in Russian) Question (in Russian)
petrovich.Nominative Именительный Кто?
petrovich.Genitive Родительный Кого?
petrovich.Dative Дательный Кому?
petrovich.Accusative Винительный Кого?
petrovich.Instrumental Творительный Кем?
petrovich.Prepositional Предложный О ком?