Golang Preprocessor for Web Services – GOP Server


The GOP Server is an open-source web server for Linux and Windows systems that handles HTTP requests to scripts programmed in Go returning the result of the execution to the client.

The software is able to, depending on the requested path, return static files or execute Go scripts, which are compiled on the fly and have specific functionality. This functionality is transparently embedded by the GOP Server into the script files to provide them with functions inherent to web application development such as URL parameter management, cookie management, session management, includes a library of basic functions and database support.

GOP scripts are .gop files coded in Go but that follow the GOP specification, a superset of Go defined to integrate the extra functionality provided by the server.

In summary, the server allows to easily develop web applications programmed in Go with the comfort and functionality analogous to PHP, which makes it a multipurpose tool capable of being used both in educational environments to learn the language and in development and production environments for web applications or HTTP APIs.


The software has just been released an has to be considered as beta, as might contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities. Audit the code before using it in production enviroments. The software is provided as is without warranty of any kind.

How to run

The steps are simple: install Golang, clone the repository and execute from source (go run).

Then, place your files under the /public directory and access them from http://localhost:80.

Windows Prerequisites

Install Golang from https://golang.org/doc/install

Clone the repository.

Edit the configuration if needed (config/configuration.json)

Open a terminal inside the GOP-Server folder.

Linux Prerequisites

sudo apt update
sudo apt install golang

git clone https://github.com/i-rme/GOP-Server.git
cd GOP-Server
nano config/configuration.json


sudo go run src/main.go


go run src/main.go


wsl sudo go run src/main.go

Optional Settings

Enable database support by setting MySQLSupportEnabled to true in the config file.

Enable privilege downgrade by setting RunScriptsAsNobody to true in the config file.

Important paths

Configuration file: ./config/configuration.json

Default document root: ./public

Default log directory: ./logs

Default uploads directory: ./private/uploads

CMS Example database details: ./public/examples/cms/components/repository.gop


Error: CreateFile src/main.go: The system cannot find the path specified. when launching the GOP Server with go run.

Solution: Navigate to the GOP-Server directory before launching. cd GOP-Server

Error: “no required module provides package” when MySQL support is enabled.

Solution: Install the missing package using go get github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql

Error: “listen tcp bind: permission denied” when starting the server on linux.

Solution: Run the server with root privileges sudo go run src/main.go