Golang REST api for taking notes

You can start/build app locally with go command (see below)

Or you can use run script which provide facilities for start/build app locally or inside containers


App use Gin as the web server

If you want to execute/build app locally, please install needed dependencies

For docker execution, you can skip this step

go get all


App listen on port 8080 (default), you can change this setting with the environment variable PORT

example PORT=3000

If you use run script, .env file present in project root directory is automatically sourced


go run main.go # basic execution
./run start # with the help of the run script
./run docker start # execution inside container


go build # basic execution
# or
go build -o build/

./run build # with the help of the run script
./run docker build # execution inside container

Bonus, run in watch mode

Run the app in watch mode (dev mode), each update in source files restart the app

./run dev
./run docker dev

Test App

Api has one enpoint /notes for create/get notes

Notes are in the form:

  "message": "the message",
  "tag": "<TAG>"

Tag is optionnal

You can :

  • create a note → POST /notes with a Note, JSON formated, in the body
  • get all notes → GET /notes
  • get notes filtered → GET /notes?tag=<TAG>


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