Facebook Marketing API SDK for Golang

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This go package provides a comprehensive list of methods for interacting with Facebook’s Graph Marketing api.

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We assume you already have a Facebook Developer account and configured an accessToken and appSecret. If not, checkout Facebooks Get Started

Create a new fbService client


func main(){
	fbService, _ := v12.New(l, accessToken, appSecret)
	// [Code snippets from other example below go here]

Create a campaign

c := v12.Campaign{
	// Populate struct values
id, _ := fbService.Campaigns.Create(ctx, c)

Upload an external asset to Facebook

accountID := "[account id]"
imagePath := "[path to image]"
imageName := "[image name]"

file, _ := os.Open(imagePath)
im, _ := fbService.Images.Upload(context.Background(), accountID,imageName, file)

// You now can access the ID of the uploaded image via im.ID
fmt.Println("Uploaded image has id: ", im.ID)

accountID := "[account id]"
videoPath := "[path to video]"
videoName := ""

file, _ := os.Open(videoPath)
vid, _ := fbService.Videos.Upload(context.Background(), accountID, videoName, file)

// You now can access the ID of the uploaded video via vid.ID
fmt.Println("Uploaded video has id: ", vid.ID)

Read campaigns from an account

id := "[account_id]"

campaigns, _ := p.fbService.Campaigns.List(id).Do(ctx)

Get reporting data for an account at adset level

// put the columns you need for the report
columns := []string {}

//account id you want the report from
id := "[account_id]"

// Create new report
report := fbService.Insights.NewReport(id)

// Configure report
	DailyTimeIncrement(true). // get day by day reporting
		Fields(columns...). // the fields you want your report to have
			DatePreset("lifetime") // the time period for the report

// pass a channel which gets populated with results
ch := make(chan v12.Insight)
nRecords,_ := report.GenerateReport(ctx,ch)

//range over the channel to get Insight objects
for insight := range ch {
    fmt.Println("New report result: ", insight)


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