GoLang Toolkit

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Toolkit for the must used features in a web application. This project provides severals features, such as: Environment variables, Logging, SQL connection management, UUID facilities, OTL (Open Telemetry) and Messaging management

⚠️🚧 Work In Progress 🚧⚠️

The project is under construction and I want to have a beta version soon.


Environment variables

Package name: env


Package name: logging

SQL connection management

Package name:: sql

UUID facilities

Package name: uuid


Package name: telemetry

Messaging Management

Package name: messaging


  • Validate the actual implementation and check if the changed Header data will be sent to RabbitMQ
  • Remove Format Log Messages from RabbitMQ pkg and put in Logger pkg
  • Improve errors
  • Change the “logger” pkg name to “logging”
  • Impl Delayed Exchange and Queue
  • Validate Delayed Exchange and Queue
  • Impl the retry strategy
  • Instead of create a new exchange to routing messages to DLQ use the same exchange
  • messaging unit tests
  • uuid unit tests
  • tracer pkg
  • create trace-id abstraction for amqp, gRPC and HTTP
  • adapt messaging to create span in each consumer
  • adapt sql to create span in each query and based on configuration send the query to the span


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