procx-go is a simple wrapper library for procx. procx-go exports a single function, Procx, which accepts one argument, args, and produces two return values, io.Reader and error. This exposes a versatile DAO interface to all procx drivers which can be imported into an application for more integrated usage.

You must have procx installed in order to use procx-go.

See examples/main.go for an example of using one codebase and dynamically pulling from multiple services with a single configuration array.

Here is a basic example:

args := []string{
data, err := procx.Procx(args)
if err != nil && err != procx.ErrNoData {
} else if err == procx.ErrNoData {
    println("no data")
bd, err := ioutil.ReadAll(data)
if err != nil {
// you can unmarshal the data into a struct or map, here we just print it

Since the entire data layer configuration is contained within the args string slice, this can be moved to a configuration layer such as Vault or Consul. If you ever need to change the data layer configuration, you can simply update the args configuration, and your code will remain entirely the same.


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