Google text-to-speak Simple Binary file

This repository is a simple implementation of google text-to-speak service.
Required enable API in GCP (


First and only argument is text for speak ?
You can change behavior of binary by flags:

Option Default Description
credentials-path cloud-proxy Path to credential file from GCP, default GCP cloud proxy auth
output-path output.mp3 Path to output file with mp3 footage
pl false Flag, when would you to use polish language

1. The simplest usage

Generate file output.mp3 in workdir in English with GCP Cloud Proxy Auth:

google-speak "Welcome! How are you?"

2. With polish and custom auth file

Generate file output.mp3 in workdir in Polish with credentials.json auth file.

google-speak -pl -credentials-path credentials.json "Witaj! Co słychać?"

Help message (-h)

Usage of ./google-speak:
  -credentials-path string
        Path to credential file (JSON) (default "cloud-proxy")
  -output-path string
        Output path (mp3 ext required) (default "output.mp3")
        Change context to polish language


Simple pre-compiled version:

  1. Download binary from releases (
  2. Upload to server filesystem scp google-speak server1:/usr/local/bin/google-speak
  3. Make executable chmod +x /usr/local/bin/google-speak


  1. Download repository git clone
  2. Go to directory cd google-speak
  3. Build dependencies go mod download
  4. Compile to binary go build
  5. Move to local filesystem mv google-speak /usr/local/bin/google-speak
  6. Can file execute chmod +x /usr/local/bin/google-speak

How to generate GCP JSON Access Key

  1. Enable text-to-speech API in GCP (
  2. Create new service account (
  3. Go to detail view of this service account > Keys
  4. Push button “Add key” and “Create new key” and choose “JSON”
  5. Save file on disk
  6. Done!

You should secure your key for production version.
Do not using didn’t secure key on production!


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