GoogleBookAPI Example

GoogleBookAPI is built on top of flogo, a flow based application.

Upon launch for first time, the application creates a topic googleBookAPI.
Every time a request is made by the user to retrieve any book detail, activity logs are generated and sent to ZBIO. These messages can be consumed by another component of the same application or a different micro-service in ZKE cluster.

Note: ZBIO service broker should be deployed and enabled. (app runs without tracing with ZBIO)

How to run this application

Using Roost Desktop Engine (RDE)

Right-click on Makefile and click Run for hassle-free deployment to ZKE

What all is done by make?

Using RKT Konsole to run application

cd $GOPATH/src/

View application logs

Using Workload Analytics (RDE) for deployed application

RDE Workload Analytics image

Using RKT Konsole

kubectl logs -f service/googlebookapi -n default
kubectl logs service/googlebookapi --namespace default --tail 400
   * -f: to keep streaming logs from application
   * --tail <n>: to get the last n lines of output

How to access GoogleBookAPI

  • ISBN stands for international standard book number.
  • It is 13 digit number uniquely identify all the books.
  • ISBN can be found in internet.
    ISBN: 9781788999786, Book Name: Mastering Kubernetes
  • The digit should not have any special characters in between.

Using any browser

sample URL: http://roost-controlplane:30045/books/9788126568772

Using RKT Konsole

sample URL: http://roost-worker:30045/books/9788126568772

sample URL: http://roost-controlplane:30045/books/9788126568772

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