Gopher Quotes

Yet another application designed as a “MicRoserVice” for demo purposes. Gopher quotes offers users insghtful quotes ✍? from their favourite gophers around the world. ?

Architecture ?

Gopher Quotes is currently composed of three services, all of which communicate over HTTP.


Service Language/framework description
quotes-frontend python/flask renders quotes from the api
quotes-api Go handles creation of quotes
quote-stats python/flask provides “useful” stats on quotes

Screenshot ?


Setup using Docker-Compose ?

Starting the service is as easy as:

docker-compose up

Setup using Kubernetes

if you’re into that kubernetes thing , I have provided some manifests in the deployments/k8s directory. Edit the following lines in ingress.yaml

 - host: "yourhostordomainname"

Now you can

kubectl apply -f deployments/k8s

API endpoints

The gopher quotes API exposes the two enpoints

GET /quotes
POST /create
GET /stats

Creating a quote

curl -d '{"title":"friendly reminder","body":"what you see is not what i get"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:8080/create

Sample Response

  "title": "friendly reminder",
  "body": "what you see is not what i get"


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