Welcome to Gorox!

Gorox is an HTTP server, application server, microservice server, and proxy server. It can be used as:

* HTTP Server (HTTP 1/2/3, WebSocket, FCGI, uWSGI, AJP)
* Application Server for Go (Applications & Frameworks)
* Microservice Server for Go (gRPC Services & HRPC Services)
* HTTP Proxy Server (Forward & Reverse, Caching, Tunneling)
* Service Mesh (Data Plane & Control Plane)
* API Gateway (HTTP APIs & gRPC APIs)
* Web Application Firewall
* ... and MORE!

There is also a Gocmc which can optionally manage your Gorox cluster.

For more details about Gorox, please see: https://gorox.io/


Gorox has been tested to be working on these platforms:

* Linux kernel >= 3.9, AMD64 & ARM64
* FreeBSD >= 12.0, AMD64
* Apple macOS >= Catalina, AMD64 & ARM64
* Microsoft Windows >= 10, AMD64

Other platforms are not tested and probably don’t work.

Quick Start

See INSTALL.md file.


Gorox is fast. You can use wrk to perform a simple benchmark:

shell> wrk -d 8s -c 240 -t 12 http://localhost:3080/benchmark
shell> wrk -d 8s -c 240 -t 12 http://localhost:3080/benchmark.html

Change the parameters to match your computer’s configuration.


View documentation online:

English version: https://gorox.io/docs/gorox/
Chinese version: https://www.gorox.io/docs/gorox/

Or view locally (ensure your local gorox server is started):

English version: http://gorox.net:3080/docs/gorox/
Chinese version: http://www.gorox.net:3080/docs/gorox/


Gorox is licensed under a BSD License. See LICENSE.md file.


Gorox is originally written by Jingcheng Zhang [email protected]. You can also contact him through Twitter: @diogin.

The official website of the Gorox project is at:

English version: https://gorox.io/
Chinese version: https://www.gorox.io/


Gorox is currently hosted at Github:


Fork this repository and contribute your patch through Github Pull Requests.

By contributing to Gorox, you agree to release your code under the BSD License that you can find in the LICENSE.md file.


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