Is an easy to use and simple webserver, built with go. The structure and CLI are improving the productivity, since it guides the user through everything with ease.


Installation manually with shell script.

git clone https://github.com/vimscape/goWeb
cd goWeb
sudo ./goWeb.sh

After that you can simply run the application from everywhere, with:



After the installation process is completed, you can launch the webserver for the first time. For that, run the app with goWeb and insert 2 in the upcoming menu. Now you should be able to see a green message, which tells you that your server is up and running. To see the default page in your browser, insert localhost:8090 in your browser-adressbar.

The default page is customizable and can be found in the default/ directory, where you can change your current working directory to, with the following command:

cd default/

If you want to stop the running webserver, press ctrl + c to abort its execution.

//More Documentation about other features soon



  • Configure webserver
    • Set sub-pages
    • Set ports
      • Port scanning
      • Auto port selecting
      • Static port assigning
    • Create redirects
  • Create website templates


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