Proxy Grabber

for now , it just Grabbing HTTP proxies

Grabbing 5000 proxies & Find active proxies less than 3 minutes (depends on your network and hardware)


you can access to latest release version by going to Release section or Go To Release


  • Install GO >= 1.13
  • Build the project
go build

depending on your OS (win/linux) it will create proxy-grabber.exe or proxy-grabber

  • Run the proxy-grabber (which you already built) by ./proxy-grabber.exe or ./proxy-grabber (in command-line)


  • add HTTPS proxies (save in different file)
  • add SOCKS 5 proxies (save in different file)
  • adding Dynamic Host to Reverse Proxy for checking grabbed proxies
  • using channel to produce grabbed proxies to find active proxies (consumer)


In spite of the license, I PREDICT that all the examples here are for reference only, and not for criminal (or malicious) purposes.


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