About The Project

GRAPHQL Project for Event Planning

Building the project with layered architecture, and clean code approach for the structure, with the intention of simplicity when the app is scaling up and ease of maintenance

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Built With

This project structure is built using

  • Swagger
  • [Golang]
  • [Mysql]
  • [Labstack/Echo]
  • [qraphql]

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Folder Structure

├── addMiddleware/                  # Create middleware
├── config/                         # Configuration to connect to database
├── controller/                     # Create controller for user, product, cart, and order
├── entities/                       # Create entities for user, product, cart, and order
├── helper/                         # Create request, response, and helper for user, product, cart, and order
├── repository/                     # Get all required data from database for user, product, cart, and order
├── service/                        # Create service for handle the data from repository of user, product, cart, and order

Getting Started

To start project, just clone this repo


  1. Clone the repo
    git clone https://github.com/hilmihi/event-planning-go.git
  2. Create .env file in main directory
    touch .env
  3. Write the following example environment
    export DB_CONNECTION_STRING='root:[fillpasswordhere]@/[schema name]?charset=utf8&parseTime=True&loc=Local'
  4. Run the server
    source .env && go run main.go

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