Greedy, Regex-Aware Binary Downloader


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Download and install the latest release

or install with go:

go install


Let’s start fresh. Run the following command to generate a new configuration file in the current directory

grab config generate

The file grab.hcl should be located in your home directory, or in any parent directory from where you will call the command.

The language of the file is Hashicorp Configuration Language

Read more about the configuration options here

Once you’re happy with your configuration, you can check if everything is ok by running

grab config check

or, if your file is not located in a parent directory from your current working directory, you can always specify its path with the --config option.

grab config check -c /var/grab.hcl

Now you can start using grab. To scrape and download assets use the grab command and pass at least one url or a file containing a list of urls.

Note The list of urls can contain comments, like the ini format, all lines starting with # and ; will be ignored

# single URL
grab get

# list of URLs
grab get urls.ini

# at least one of each
grab get https://my.url/and urls.ini list.ini




Distributed under the MIT License.


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