GSHE is a homomorphic encryption library for grayscale images in Go. It is an implementation of “A new lossy compression scheme for encrypted gray-scale images”. GSHE allows an image to be first encrypted, then compressed, and finally decrypted/decompressed, where the three steps can be performed by different parties. GSHE also contains a command line interface in the subdirectory app. The library API documentation is available by go doc.

CLI Usage

app [options] input_file
  -c    compress mode
  -d    decrypt mode
  -e    encrypt mode
  -f    force overwrite existing files
  -k string
        path to key file
  -o string
        path to output file
  -p string
  -q uint
        quantization for compression (default 1)

If no mode is supplied, then the mode is inferred from the input file extension.

One of key file or passkey must be provided for encryption and decryption. The key file is a standard base64 encoded (defined in RFC 4648) file of arbitrary length. The passkey is any string of arbitrary length.

It is recommended to use quantization 1 unless possible large distortions can be tolerated.


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