Bitrate Finder

Bitrate Finder is a program for you media server aficionados out there. By selecting your media library’s directory, Bitrate Finder will obtain the average bitrate of each file and output it based on a given filter (e.g. Only displaying media with a bitrate below 8000Kb/s). This is useful for determining which files may need to be re-encoded from their original source to maintain high qualities.

Prebuilt Windows binaries are available from the GitHub page.

Requires access to the ffprobe command, which can be downloaded as part of FFMPEG


  • Listing bitrate of all files in a given directory
  • Setting optional maximum and minimum bitrate filters
  • Ability to exclude files with a bitrate of 0Kb/s (ffprobe returns 0Kb/s for non-video/audio files)
  • Progress tracking to view completion percentage


Built using the Fyne GUI framework for Go, Bitrate Finder can be compiled to a single binary with the following commands:

git clone
cd Bitrate-finder
go install // installs the necessary Fyne tooling
fyne package

Note: Static content

This is only necessary if Icon.png has been modified.

In order to use Icon.png as the icon for Bitrate Finder, it is necessary to bundle it to a .go file. Fyne’s tooling provides an easy way to do this:

fyne bundle Icon.png >> icon.go


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