Guilty Gear Strive Proxy for faster loading screens.

Totsugeki lets you totsugeki past the Strive connection screen.


  1. Download
  2. Run totsugeki.exe
  3. 🐬

Removing Totsugeki is as simple as deleting the executable and launching the game normally.


  • 3-4x Speedup compared to vanilla Strive.
  • No installation or messing with system files. Just download and run.
  • No administrator permissions needed.
  • 100% transparent: Sends data bit-for-bit the same as vanilla Strive. No stat or lobby inconsistencies.

Advanced Usage

You can disable any functionality of Totsugeki by adding -no-<feature> as an argument to totsugeki.exe. For example C:\Users\user\Downloads\totsugeki.exe -no-launch will no longer launch GGST.

Valid options:

        This help text.
        Don't launch GGST. Useful if you want to launch GGST through other means.
        Don't patch GGST with proxy address.
        Don't start local proxy. Useful if you want to run your own proxy.
        Print the version number and exit.

The easiest way to do this would be to create a shortcut to totsugeki.exe and add the argument on the shortcut.


Tested with Golang 1.16, but probably will compile with Golang 1.13+.

Installing from source

go install

Building from cloned repo

go build

The technical nitty gritty

GGST makes a new TCP connection and a new TLS connection every API call it makes. And it makes hundreds of them in the title screen.

Totsugeki solves this by proxying all API requests through a keepalive connection.

What this means is instead of doing 4 round trips (TCP + TLS + HTTP) for each API call, it only needs to do 1 (HTTP only). This shortens the loading time by a factor of FOUR!
For example, if you live in the EU and have ~300ms ping to the GGST servers, you usually see something like 300ms * (1 TCP round trip * 2 TLS round trips + 1 HTTP Request round trip) = 1.2 seconds per API call.

This multiplied across all 127 API calls needed to get to the main menu means it takes a whopping 152 seconds (2.5 minutes) to load into GGST.

With Totsugeki, this is brought down to a mere 38 seconds.

This has added bonus of reducing GGST server load, as TLS negotiation is one of the most CPU intensive tasks today.

Thanks to u/TarballX for doing the initial research on why GGST takes so long to connect.