Hacking scene for a short movie For Silvermine Production

Installing Command

1. Installing GO

Check steps here https://go.dev/doc/install

There are 2 versions for mac, based on your mac version choose the download options.

https://go.dev/dl/ image

2. Checking the installation

Open terminal and type go This shoudl be the output.


3. Setup terminal

In the terminal type sudo nano ~/.bash_profile and hit Enter

Paste these lines

export GOPATH=$HOME/go

Press Ctrl/Cmd + X then Y, then press Enter

Now type source .bash_profile

4. Setup terminal

Enter this in terminal and press enter go install github.com/giteshnxtlvl/hqconnect@latest

###ALL SET Now enter the command to run the scene hqconnect


Terminal Link if needed https://github.com/GitSquared/edex-ui/releases

Choosing right file for macOS and install image image


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