Have an app that’s letting you down? Keep it up!

What is this?

Do you have an app that needs to run continuously in the terminal or in the
background, but crashes once in a while? Bluepill can help you keep it up and

You just need to run bluepill your_app_executable arg1 arg2 etc and it will
relaunch the app with the same arguments every time it crashes.


  • Hooks up stdin/stdout/stderr so that your app can still receive keyboard input
    and print to the terminal.
  • Restarts your app every time it exits in error, but will exit if the app
    finishes successfully.
  • Will honor Ctrl+C and SIGTERM, although it won’t pass these on to the app (see
    the TODO section).


Just download the latest release from the releases page and start using it.


  • Pass received signals to the app. This should help with graceful handling of
    Ctrl+C, or system shutdown (as well as apps that make use of other signals).
  • Command line arguments to:
    • Allow restarting apps that exit without any error
    • Disabling grace period
    • Setting a custom grace period


What’s with the name?

I feel pretty cozy here in the matrix even if it’s fake.

Do you really need a FAQ for such a small piece of software?

No, but I like FAQs.

Are there any useful questions or answers in the FAQ?

None at all.


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