AWS Hello World Operator

Hello World AWS Service Operataor.
Created with operator-sdk.
The operator supports creation and deletion of a S3 Bucket.

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  1. kubectl
  2. eksctl
  3. Permissions to create/delete EKS cluster, create/delete IAM roles/policies

Installation Guide

  1. Clone the repositroy
    git clone
  2. Create EKS cluster on AWS. The cluster will be created with oidc enabled, It will also create the required service account for the operator.
    eksctl create cluster -f manifests/eksctl.yaml
  3. Create the operator. If your region is different from eu-west-1 change AWS_REGION env in manifest/operator.yaml
    kubectl apply -f manifests/operator.yaml
  4. Create S3 bucket and check console for creation.
    kubectl apply -f manifests/s3_bucket.yaml
  5. Delete S3 bucket and check console for deletion.
    kubectl delete -f manifests/s3_bucket.yaml
  6. Delete the EKS cluster if you finished using it.
    eksctl delete cluster -f manifests/eksctl.yaml


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