This is a small project I wrote to help my family picking secret santas without having a person beeing involved. This way noone is left out of having fun.

The code first reads in the contacts.csv file and picks random matches. Afterwards it uses this whatsapp libary to send massages to each person.


  1. Before running the code you need to prepare the contacts.csv file. In there you need to add lines for each participant of the your secret santa game. Add the name of the contact, followed by a semicolon and his or her phone number in the form 0<international_calling_code>number. An example looks like this:

  2. Additionally, you need to set the selfContactName variable to the same name you gave yourself in the contacts.csv file. This way the message you send to yourself will not be deleted.
  3. You might also need to set the whatsappVersionMajor, whatsappVersionMinor and whatsappVersionPatchvariables in the main.go file

Running the code

To execute the code simply call

go mod *.go

and scan the QR code printed on the terminal with your phone.


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