RU Flood

Inspired by, a DDoS attack on russian state-owned or -controlled media, banks, etc.
This is a version compiled to a separate program so it run without a browser and possibly more efficient.
Also allows scaling the power (see Advanced usage).


Using this tool is your own decision, and I take no responsibility for any consequences (legal, financial, material, etc.) following from using this tool.


Head over to Releases.

Build it yourself

You only need to do this if you don’t trust the precompiled binaries and/or you want to modify the code.

  1. Install Go.
  2. Clone/download this repository.
  3. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded it, and run go build.


Just run the program from the command line, default parameters and targeted websites* will be used.
The program will first list its configuration, including the list of targeted websites, and some tips.
It then wait 10 seconds to actually start the flood.
You can terminate the program anytime (including the waiting period) by hitting Ctrl+C in the command line/terminal the program is running in.

Advanced usage

ruflood [OPTIONS] [targets...]

targets is a whitespace separated list of targeted websites. If no target is specified, a default list is used.

There are following options:

  • -c | --max-concurrent-requests c sets the maximum number of concurrently running web requests. Must be > 0. Default is 1000.
  • -r | --request-timeout r sets the timeout of individual requests, in milliseconds. 0 (zero) will turn timeout off, i.e. the program will wait for a response indefinitely. Must be >= 0. Default is 1000.
  • -i | --print-interval i sets the interval at which overall statistics about the flood is printed out. 0 (zero) turns the printing off completely. Must be >= 0. Default is 1000.
  • -a | --add-to-default-targets causes the targets to be appended to the default list of targeted websites instead of replacing it.

* all websites from plus – Roskomnadzor – a russian bureau for media oversight, known for basically censoring media that do not fall in line with state-dictated narrative, and – russian state-owned news agency spreading propaganda.


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