value.Of anything!

Check out my ptr package to do ptr.Of()!

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Why this utility?

Because I bet you are wary of

var v T
if ptr != nil {
	v = *ptr


var v T
if ptr1 != nil {
	return *ptr1
if ptr2 != nil {
	return *ptr2
return v

With this utility, you can

v := value.Of(ptr)
return value.OfFirstNotNil(ptr1, ptr2)

If you need a non-zero default value, there are OfOrDefault and OfFirstNotNilOrDefault variants as well!

How to use

By the spirit of “a little copying is better than a little dependency”, I encourage you to simply copy the Of/OfFirstNotNil functions in your project. However, if you don’t mind having this dependency:

As this implementation relies on generics, you need to be using Go >1.18.

  1. With Go installed, run
go get -u
  1. Import this:
import ""
  1. Start using it!

package main

import ""

func main() {
	var ptr *int


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