Go Proxy Checker


High Performance HTTP(S) Proxy Checker Written in GO

It can Batch check whether your HTTP/HTTPS proxies is valid and anonymous, by sending request to httpbin.org/get .


download the source code files and use go build command to build

Usage of Go Proxy Checker

 Usage of Go Proxy Checker:
  -h    read usage of this tool
  -c int
        concurrent number of proxy checking (default 2000)
        use http instead of https when checking
  -i string
        the input unchecked proxy list file (default "input.txt")
  -o string
        the output checked proxy list file (default "output.txt")


Input and output file format

You need to confirm that your proxy server file to be verified is in the following format:

IP Address: Port Number (one record per line)

Common Usage Example

1. Just check you proxy with default settings


2. Check proxies without HTTPS and input/output file name

./go-proxy-checker -http -i fresh_list.txt -o success.txt

3. Specify the number of concurrent (default 2000)

./go-proxy-checker -c 100


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