hive-fleet Go Report Card

hive-fleet is a distributed, scalable load-testing tool, built on top of (v1.2.5).

It leverages the power of Google Cloud Functions to scale bombardier to any possible range. Google and budget are your only limits.

Take it for a spin

git clone


  • a billing enabled GCP project
  • a service account for it, with exported credentials
  • installed and configured gcloud where you run hive-fleet
  • asume that any run of this program could result in costs in GCP

setup your config.yml file and pass it as a command line parameter

clients: 5     => number of CF you want to start
local: 0       => used for debugging, leave 0 when load-testing
debug: 0       => a slightly more verbose setting for local
deploy_function: 1      => leave to yes at least the first time
function_memory: 256    => function memory
function_timeout: 120   => function timeout
function_region: "us-central1"       => CF region
credentials: "{path-to-my-credentials}.json" => Path to your google credentials
concurrency: 1  => how many conccurent threads each CF uses 
number: 10      => the number of requests each CF sends
url: => url to test

Before you proceed, please check Google’s pricing for Cloud Functions:

Run the hive-mind with one of the two binaries

./hive-mind-darwin-amd64 config.yml
- or -
./hive-mind-linux-amd64 config.yml

In the folder you will see a generated report.html

Local setup

If you want to test it out without involing GCP at all, you can first start a local webserver in


and from the config values above, change:

local: 1

This will instruct hive-fleet to call a local endpoint insted of the cloud function endpoint, and run everything on your local machine

Run the hive-mind with one of the two binaries

./hive-mind-darwin-amd64 config.yml
- or -
./hive-mind-linux-amd64 config.yml


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