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Create a hrple of habits

hrple is an easy to use tool to help you create habits. This is loosely inspired by the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and techniques or frameworks like Kanban and the Pomodoro Technique.

Project Rationale

  • To create something useful to me and hopefully other people
  • To learn! While I could use some really awesome go modules/libraries provided by the community, I have chosen to implement my own light weight versions by using as much of the std lib as possible. See the Giving Thanks and Experiments sections.

Project Milestones

A not so long list of milestones, just something to work towards.

  • v1 – To manage “habits” via the cli to local storage (current milestone)
    • 🚧 Implement own light weight pkg/cli lib
    • Implement file local storage with own lib plg/fileDb
  • v1.1 – To manage “habits” via the cli to local storage using sqlite
    • Implement sqlite local storage
  • v2 – To manage “habits” via the cli to central cloud storage utlising GRPC * ProtoBuf
    • Central proto definition repo
    • Implement Server component
      • …insert rest of the items here…
    • Client Component

Project Structure

Below is a brief description of the project folder structure.


Contains the main executeable applications, namely cli


Contains all the private code for this application to work.


Contains all libs/modules which may be shared i.e. cli.


Scripts to perform various tasks such as build or sca (static code analysis), etc. This allows us to keep our makefile in the root folder small.

Project Setup

Below is a brief description of how to setup this project.


The tools listed below are required for the build and/or packaging process.

Category Description URL
Linter golangci is our linter of choice https://golangci-lint.run

Giving Thanks

A Big Shout Out! To the people who worked on the following, the work you have done has aided in my learning of the go language and eco-system.


Emoji Legend

meaning emoji text
done ✔️ :heavy_check_mark:
wip 🚧 :construction:
note 📝 :memo:



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