rsvz_checker is an application which can help you receive information about the russian phone number by HTTP. It can be helpful if you’re using Asterisk or some other softswitch.

How it works

Compile application with the golang compiler, deploy to your server, setup config file (env variables) and that’s all.


git clone https://github.com/gostkov/rsvz_checker.git
cd rsvz_checker
go build
(wait for message "Parsing completed" in the log.)

and now you can test this.

curl ""
{"code":351,"full_num":"73512470000","operator":"ПАО МегаФон","region":"г. Челябинск|Челябинская обл."}

You can return specific field if add field= For example:

curl ""
ПАО МегаФон


By default, application searing config file rsvz_checker.env in the current directory. If you want to change destination of configuration file, just use argument --config

SERVER_IP, SERVER_PORT it means which ip address and port will listen application.

REFRESH_INTERVAL this option set time interval after that rsvz_cheker will download new files from offical site.

URLS contain URL of files for downloading and parsing.

You can set this variable in the environment. export SERVER_PORT=8090

Environment variables have the highest priority for usage.


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