HTTP reverse proxy forwarding file access with local file persistence (a.k.a. cache but separated by file)


The situation is that, there are some remote files served by HTTP, and we want to not only reversely proxy them, but save them in our servers when access comes to avoid, e.g., the provider stopping serving the files

nginx can be configured to cache the responses permanently. But the cache is integrated and it is not easy to extract the original files from them.

The program instead trys to cache/persist the files the same as their remote hierarchy


  • Support Range Header
    • Only support Range: bytes=(\d+)-(\d*) format


First run the proxy:

fproxy -host share.myl.moe

For the original files:

curl -L https://share.myl.moe/ca.pem

For the proxied version:

curl -L http://localhost:8000/ca.pem

For requests including Range header:

curl -L -H "Range: bytes=0-100" http://localhost:8000/ca.pem

More options can be found in cmd/fproxy/main.go


Copyright (C) 2022 myl7

SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0


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