HungpmSE00234x’s FUNiX Capstone Project.

Get Started


Development environment requirements:

Database Preparation (MUST)

Spin up database:

make dev_db_up
  • First time running will take a few minutes to complete. Please be patient.
  • pgAdmin will be available at localhost:8081 after spinning up the database.
  • Default database name is qrmos.

After spinning up DB for the first time, we need to initialize data by running this command (only once):

make init_data
  • This will add an admin user with password as password.

Shutdown database:

make dev_db_down
  • Shuting down database doesn’t remove data in database, when spin up again, data will still be available. To completely clean up everything, use the clean command below.

Clean up database:

make dev_db_clean

Run backend:

make dev_run_backend

Run frontend:

make dev_run_frontend


Build QRMOS:

make build
  • Built files are located in build folder at root.
Config env variables

Default environment variables are specified in backend/.default.env. It will be copied to build folder during building.

For production code, default env variables will be read from .default.env.
To ovewrite those env, create a .env file, and add env variable to it.

Or simple export env variables to current process, example:

export APP_ENV=prod

Run built code:

make run_built


Currently deployed to DigitalOcean’s droplet. Read here for setup instruction

[Optional] Push main branch to origin remote since prod’s backend will be built based on this.

git push origin main


make deploy


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